L-system plant drawing program written in common lisp

Writing of this program was influenced by two books ABOP and PAIP.


abop-0.5.tgz also avaible on github

Linux launcher:

run-abop.tgz is tarball containing common lisp sources. All you have to do is install make, gcc, binutils, SBCL, libpng, libSDL, libGL and launch run.sh script.

Windows binaries:

run-abop.zip is archive containing precompiled libraries, common lisp sources and SBCL. Theoreticaly you just have to launch run.bat script.

Here you can download slides from the talk I gave at "Datorzinātņu dienas" conference.



rose rendered with povray (blender model) (webgl) (components)

freesia rendered with povray (webgl)

water lily rendered with blender

dandelion rendered with pixie (webgl)

rendered with pixie using renderman procedural primitives

pine rendered with povray

spruce (povray) (blender) (renderman)

animation of a growing tree

maple rendered with povray

birch rendered with povray (webgl)

anubias (common aquarium plant) rendered with blender

christmas tree rendered with blender (blender model) (webgl)

oak rendered with povray (blender model)

chestnut rendered with povray (webgl)

young maple rendered with povray (blender model)

elm tree rendered with blender

crystal rendered with blender

cornflowers rendered with blender